*NEW* Weekly Animal Word Search Puzzle

Animal Word Seach Puzzle

Every week, somepets.com publishes a new Animal Word Search Puzzle. This week's word search puzzle theme is Cold Blooded Animals like Frogs and Iguanas. Try your hand at it and see how quickly you can find all these words! Share the puzzle with your friends and find out who is the fastest! … {Continue reading…}

Amazing Photographs Of Foxes


Foxes are part of the big canine family and like the domesticated dog that we know, they are very intelligent. But unlike the family pet we love, the fox is  a solitary, nocturnal animal; It sleeps in dens during the day, and hunts at night. Just like your dog though, the fox is an omnivore which … {Continue reading…}

Pets With The Most Awesome Personalities

pets with personality

Every pet owner will say that their pet is special, just like every parent will say their baby is the cutest! But we all know that's not true! For example, some babies are actually really ugly, but don't go around saying I said that! Well, the same … {Continue reading…}

Animal Jigsaw Puzzles: Camel


Did you know that camel babies are born without a hump? And contrary to popular belief, the purpose of the hump is not to store water but fatty tissue. Since camels, just like most mammals, do need fat as an energy source but live in an extremely hot … {Continue reading…}

Animal Cuteness Battle – Slow Loris vs Sugar Glider

slow loris vs sugar glider1

Welcome to somepets.com weekly cuteness battle! This week we have to adorable exotic pets videos fighting for who is the cutest. In the left corner, trying to win the tittle of cutest exotic animal eating a piece of fruit we have the slow loris, one … {Continue reading…}

How Well Do You Know The Different Dog Breeds?


How much of a dog lover are you? Are you a casual k9 lover or are you totally hardcore? How well do you know the different dog breeds? Do you like Quizzes? Not the kind you have to do in school, everyone knows these quizzes suck! No, we are talking … {Continue reading…}

Beautiful Animals With The Chimera Genetic Mutation

peacock chimera2

The chimera genetic mutation in humans or animals causes a single organism to be composed of at least 2 genetically distinct cells. These 2 distinct cells were meant to become 2 separate individuals but instead merged to become only one. The results … {Continue reading…}

Kittens Being Bottle Fed, Possibly The Cutest Thing Ever!

bottle fed kitten

Sometimes it  happens that a mother cat rejects one of her kittens, maybe because it is weak or ill, or sometimes the mother cat dies or is sick herself and cannot feed her babies... In those instances, humans have to step in and raise the kittens … {Continue reading…}

Dogs Who Don’t Know How To Play Hide & Seek

dog playing hide and seek14

We all know that cats like to hide and sneak on us like the dangerous predators they are... But in general dogs don't hide, unless of course, they have done something wrong and are trying to avoid the disapproving stare of mommy or daddy... I am not … {Continue reading…}

Animal Cuteness Battle – Baby Kangaroo vs Baby Tapir

kangaroo vs tapir

For this week's cuteness battle, we have chosen two beautiful exotic animal babies, the kangaroo and the tapir. The tapir is a mammal and is found mostly in  South America, Central America, and Southeast Asia. The kangaroo, well everyone knows where … {Continue reading…}

Animal Jigsaw Puzzles: Beautiful Blue Birds

Beautiful Blue Birds

This week's free jigsaw puzzle is a really wonderful one! This picture is truly amazing and these blue  birds are beautiful. Unfortunately I don't know what kind of birds they are, but I am sure every one will enjoy this great jigsaw puzzle! Have … {Continue reading…}

Cat Quiz

Cat Quiz 1

Are you a Cat lover? Take this Cat Trivia Quiz and find out how well you know the most popular pet on the planet! … {Continue reading…}

Epic Dog Rescue In the Mojave Desert By Hope For Paws

desert rescue

Once again Hope for Paws has done it! Lead by amazing dog rescuer Eldad Hagar and with the help of some volunteers, Hope for Paws has rescued a pack of dogs in pretty bad shape in the Mojave desert. If it wasn't for Eldad and his crew, these poor … {Continue reading…}

Hilarious Animals Dancing To Salt-n-Pepa’s “Push It”

push it

What can we say about this video? Well, it's hilarious! Remember the song "Push it" from Salt-n-Pepa from the 80's? I remember dancing on that song like there was no tomorrow when I was in high school! It looks like these animals also know how to … {Continue reading…}

Big Cat Quiz

lion tail

How well do you know big cats? How much do you know about jaguars, tigers, lions, panthers? Find out by taking this fun 12 question quiz about big cats! … {Continue reading…}

Animal Jigsaw Puzzles: Hamster Playing Hide & Seek


Some animals are better than others at playing hide and seek. This cute little hamster is pretty clever don't you think? Hiding in a toilet paper roll; well played little hamster, well played! We hope you have fun with this cute jigsaw puzzle of a … {Continue reading…}

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