*NEW* Weekly Animal Word Search Puzzle

Animal Word Seach Puzzle

Every week, somepets.com publishes a new Animal Word Search Puzzle. This week's word search puzzle theme is Endangered Animals like Cheetahs and Gorillas. Try your hand at it and see how quickly you can find all these words! Share the puzzle with your friends and find out who is the fastest! … {Continue reading…}

Animal Jigsaw Puzzles: 2 Cute Kittens

cute kittens

Did you know there are more than 500 million domestic cats in the world? The cat is one the most popular house pet in the world, along with the dog of course! Male cats a called "Tom", female cats are called a "Molly" or  a"Queen", the babies are called "kittens" and a bunch of kittens is called a … {Continue reading…}

Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs

Elope Mens Wheres Waldo Woof Pet Costume

It's this time of the year again; no, not Christmas (yet): it's Halloween! And all dog owners LOVE Halloween because it's this time of the year when you can dress up your dog in something totally hilarious and silly, make fun of him publicly and it's … {Continue reading…}

How Many of These Beautiful Exotic Animals Can You Name?

exotic animal

How well do you know exotic pets and exotic animals? Do you like animal quizzes? Take a break from your busy day and take this fun animal quiz to find out just how knowledgeable you are about exotic animals... Be sure to share the fun with friends … {Continue reading…}

What Costume Should Your Dog Wear This Halloween?

halloween dog

Are you struggling for a costume idea for your fur baby? You want to make sure your pooch has the best costume on the block? After all, your reputation as a pet parent is on the line, am I right? You want to be the coolest pet owner this Halloween? … {Continue reading…}

How Many Of These Animals Can You Recognize?

what animal is this

Do you want to test how much you know about animals? Take this fun animal quiz and see how many of the animals you can recognize from a simple, close up photograph. If you do well, share it with your friends ans see how they do! Don't forget to have … {Continue reading…}

Lion Quiz

lion quiz

Who doesn't love lions? It is after all the King of the Jungle! Test your lion knowledge with this Trivia Quiz and maybe learn a thing or two! Have fun! … {Continue reading…}

Camouflage Masters


The Owl is a very mystical and enigmatic bird. Its ability to camouflage itself is almost unparalleled in nature. It is not uncommon to find prehistorical history texts about secret societies that adored owls believing them a symbol of light in … {Continue reading…}

15 Dogs Who Need Some Help


There is a saying that goes: "Curiosity killed the cat" and all cat owners know too well what that means! Cats seem to have a very bad habit of always putting themselves into trouble in the name of curiosity! My own cat for example once got stuck in … {Continue reading…}

Funny Cat Cosplay


Cats are actors in many famous animated cartoon all around the world. Here we have some regular household cats dreaming of becoming famous! Enjoy these really funny pictures of cat's cosplay. … {Continue reading…}

Funny Monkey Pictures


In all, approximately 260 different species of monkeys exist in the world. It is believed that humans have evolved from monkeys. And we stop right there; we don’t wanna argue about what is and what is not,  we just wanna point out that the monkeys … {Continue reading…}

Animal Jigsaw Puzzles: Cute Baby Owls

baby owl

Awwww! So cute! Here is a Jigsaw Puzzle of two cute baby owls. Aren't they adorable? … {Continue reading…}

Animal Jigsaw Puzzles: Ninja Bird

Karate Kid Bird

Real funny this little bird! We hope you like this funny Jigsaw Puzzle of a ninja bird. … {Continue reading…}

Inside A Squirrel’s World

inside squirrel world feature

Squirrels breed once or twice a year and give birth to a varying number of young after three to six weeks, depending on species. The young are born naked, toothless, and blind. In most species of squirrel, only the female looks after the young, which … {Continue reading…}

Annual Cost of Pets

cost of owning a pet. feature imagejpg

If you have a pet you already know that pets cost money; if you are thinking about adopting a pet, be sure to adopt one from a shelter and not buy one from a pet store, as pet from pet stores often come from puppy mills! If you are planning on … {Continue reading…}

Monkey Quiz

monkey quiz

Maybe it's because we see in them a certain resemblance to humans, but one thing is for sure, everyone loves monkeys. Take this quiz and test your knowledge of the funniest animal on earth! … {Continue reading…}

Animal Jigsaw Puzzles: Laughing Horse

laughing horse

Do you need a little break from you busy day?  Somepets.com has great free online games and here is a funny Jigsaw Puzzle of a laughing horse. Enjoy. … {Continue reading…}

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