5 Easy Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

heat wave

Summer is here and with it arrives the hot weather, so it’s time to talk about some important safety concerns regarding our pets and heat management. The heat can be extremely overwhelming for our dogs because they cannot regulate their body's temperature as easily as we do. It is especially so for … {Continue reading…}

This Kitten Likes To Help With The Laundry

kitten helps with laundry

Do you sometimes feel like your pets are useless? You feed them, care for them, pay for their vet bills and buy them toys... But what do you really get in return? Especially if you have a cat! At least the dog brings that ball back when you throw it! When you own a cat all you get is some scratches … {Continue reading…}

Awesome Pictures of Jumping Cats

Jumping cats16

Cats, even the house cats, are natural predators and have amazing physical abilities! They can run extremely fast, squeeze in ridiculously tight places, walk and stalk in absolute silence and they can jump! Cats can jump from very high altitudes and … {Continue reading…}

Jigsaw Puzzle: Baby Goat


Did you know that the mother and baby goat can recognize each other's call almost immediately after birth? Just like their cousins the sheep,  goats are social animals and baby goats are very close to their mother. They follow her everywhere until … {Continue reading…}

A Terrified Dog Abandoned by His Owners Gets Rescued By Hope For Paws


You wouldn't believe by watching this video, but Theo was once a family pet... Approximately 1 year ago, his family moved away and for unknown reasons, decided to leave him behind, all alone in the streets of LA to fend for himself... Dogs that have … {Continue reading…}

Kitten & Duckling Napping Is The Cutest Thing Ever

kitten and duckling napping

Babies sleeping is possibly the cutest thing in the world, don't you think? Baby animals sleeping is even cuter in my opinion and when it's an inter species animal baby duo, well, the cuteness is right off the chart! Witness in the video below the … {Continue reading…}

30 Cute Animals In Onesies

boston terrier puppy onesie

I don't know why, but seeing animals in onesies is one of the funniest and cutest thing ever! Maybe it's because it humanizes them; making them look even more like the little kids we already believe they are. In this post, somepets.com has compiled … {Continue reading…}

Cuteness Battle: White Kitten vs Maltese Puppy

white kitten and maltese

This week's cuteness contest is a classic one: Cat vs Dog. The eternal question; which one is cuter? The Cat or the Dog? In this cuteness poll, going head to head is an adorable white kitten and cute Maltese puppy. Which one do you think is cuter? … {Continue reading…}

Jigsaw Puzzle: Adorable Foxes

Adorable Foxes

Did you that foxes are part of the Canidae family? That means they are related to dogs, just like wolves and coyotes. Foxes are nocturnal animals which means they sleep most of the day in dens and hunt at night. There exist 48 subspecies of fox, from … {Continue reading…}

Joyful Reunion Between A Puppy & His Rescuer


This might be the sweetest reunion between a dog and his rescuer ever caught on video! Mojo is a 4-month-old Staffordshire Terrier mix and he had a pretty rough start in life. Mojo was thankfully rescued from a life on the street by Joey Wagner, who … {Continue reading…}

Boy Teaches Cute Puppy How To Howl

boy teach puppy to howl

Huskies are famous for being a dog breed that howls and there is a moment in the life of every husky puppy, where the puppy must learn how to howl. When this moment is helped by a human and not a dog, it becomes even more adorable than normal, and … {Continue reading…}

Cuteness Battle – Bunny vs Turtle

bunny & turttle

Here is our weekly Cuteness Poll! Tell us what you think! Which of these adorable creature is the cutest? Watch these cute animal videos and give us your opinion. Will you vote for the cute bunny eating a raspberry? Or is your vote going to sweet … {Continue reading…}

Jigsaw Puzzle: Long Hair Chihuahua

cute white puppy

Does your pet have a favorite toy? I know my dog loves to shew on my shoes, does that count s a toy? This cute little long hair chihuahua sue looks like he really loves his mouse toy. We hope you have fun with this jigsaw puzzle of an adorable … {Continue reading…}

25 Cutest Patriotic Pets

cute patriotic pets

Somepets.con wants to wish a very Happy 4th of July 2014 to all it's American Fans! Let's celebrate with these 25 cutest patriotic pets ever! We hope you have a wonderful day and don't forget to keep you pets safe! Check out this post of How to keep … {Continue reading…}

Amazing Photographs of Animals With Their Babies

bear with baby

Is there anything more powerful and more beautiful than the love of a mother for her child? Even in the animal world, the bond between mother and child is strong and wonderful to witness. Is it love? Or is it simply instinct? Is what humans call love … {Continue reading…}

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