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14 Home Remedies for Pets
Just like humans, our pets face all sorts of minor ailments and irritations. Often the problem might not warrant a visit to the vet, but a home remedy might help. In other cases, home remedies can supplement prescription treatments and veterinary care. In most cases the items that you need are found right in your kitchen. The 14 items covered here are often repeated and trusted home remedies for p [more]
Can Dogs Get The Flu?
It is a fairly common question: Can dogs get the flu? The answer is yes! I was not aware of canine influenza, aka dog flu, until I saw a video about it at my Vet’s office. According to the CDC, dog flu likely originated in horses before spreading to dogs. It does not pass from dogs to humans, so there is no worry that you can get sick from your pet, and he or she won’t get the flu from [more]
She Walks With Lions
A Lion as a Pet? Which Cat lover hasn’t dreamed of owning one of these magnificent beasts as an exotic pet? Obviously, in certain countries it is not legal, but also it can be dangerous... Wild predators like Lions should stay in the wild where they belong,but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be super cool to have one! (more…) [more]
Dogs Who Forgot How To Sleep
Does your dog fall asleep in strange and uncomfortable looking positions? Well, you are not alone! It would seem that dogs have the ability to catch some shuteye in pretty much any circumstances and at a moment's notice! Maybe it's a survival thing you know, for wild animals, sleeping is always a risk; what if a predator catches you when you are sleeping? So animals learn to develop this very use [more]
Animal Jigsaw Puzzles: 2 Cute Kittens
Did you know there are more than 500 million domestic cats in the world? The cat is one the most popular house pet in the world, along with the dog of course! Male cats a called "Tom", female cats are called a "Molly" or  a"Queen", the babies are called "kittens" and a bunch of kittens is called a "Kindle". New born kittens cannot see or hear until they reach the age of approximately 10 to 20 da [more]
Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs
It's this time of the year again; no, not Christmas (yet): it's Halloween! And all dog owners LOVE Halloween because it's this time of the year when you can dress up your dog in something totally hilarious and silly, make fun of him publicly and it's ok! Well, I guess some dog owners do that all year round but I don't think it's on purpose! ;-) Just make sure you don't do like my friend who, one [more]
How Many of These Beautiful Exotic Animals Can You Name?
How well do you know exotic pets and exotic animals? Do you like animal quizzes? Take a break from your busy day and take this fun animal quiz to find out just how knowledgeable you are about exotic animals... Be sure to share the fun with friends and family and show off your incredible knowledge of exotic animal species! (more…) [more]
What Costume Should Your Dog Wear This Halloween?
Are you struggling for a costume idea for your fur baby? You want to make sure your pooch has the best costume on the block? After all, your reputation as a pet parent is on the line, am I right? You want to be the coolest pet owner this Halloween? Take this fun quiz and find out about some great costume ideas for dogs! (more…) [more]
How Many Of These Animals Can You Recognize?
Do you want to test how much you know about animals? Take this fun animal quiz and see how many of the animals you can recognize from a simple, close up photograph. If you do well, share it with your friends ans see how they do! Don't forget to have fun! (more…) [more]
Lion Quiz
Who doesn't love lions? It is after all the King of the Jungle! Test your lion knowledge with this Trivia Quiz and maybe learn a thing or two! Have fun! (more…) [more]