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If Our Pets Sang Christmas Carols
Everyone loves holiday carols right? Well, what if our pets sang them? Deck Mom’s Halls Deck mom's halls with shreds of folly, Fa la la la la, bark, ha ha ha ha Litter shreds while full of jolly, Fa la la la la, bark, ha ha ha ha Don the carpet with shreds of apparel Fa la la la la la, bark, ha ha Toss them in the yuletide barrel Fa la la la la, bark, ha ha ha O’ Catmas [more]
Funny Video of Dogs Watching TV and 4K TV Giveaway #MyPetLovesLG4KTV
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by LG 4K TV and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping to share the funny cat and dog video and awesome giveaway, but Some Pets only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. LG is not responsible for the content of this article. Has your pet ever watched TV? Have you heard of the new LG 4K HD TV? 4K t [more]
How to Make Dehydrated Dog Treats
After spending a ridiculous amount on dehydrated green beans and dehydrated sweet potato dog treats, I purchased a a dehydrator to make my own healthy treats. For not very much money, I can make crunchy dehydrated green beans and carrots that my dogs adore. It didn't take long for my dehydrator to pay for itself from the savings. Here is how you can make you own dehydrated dog treats. Cats lov [more]
Unique Cat Toys to Challenge Your Cat’s Brain
Is your cat in need of some action and entertainment?  Exercising the brain is just as important as exercising the body in pets, and puzzle cats toys and interactive cat toys are a great way to keep your feline friend physically and mentally active.  In some of the toys and games, treats or food is dispensed. In fact, you can even make your cat work for his or her dinner. If your cat has a tende [more]
14 Home Remedies for Pets
Just like humans, our pets face all sorts of minor ailments and irritations. Often the problem might not warrant a visit to the vet, but a home remedy might help. In other cases, home remedies can supplement prescription treatments and veterinary care. In most cases the items that you need are found right in your kitchen. The 14 items covered here are often repeated and trusted home remedies for p [more]
Can Dogs Get The Flu?
It is a fairly common question: Can dogs get the flu? The answer is yes! I was not aware of canine influenza, aka dog flu, until I saw a video about it at my Vet’s office. According to the CDC, dog flu likely originated in horses before spreading to dogs. It does not pass from dogs to humans, so there is no worry that you can get sick from your pet, and he or she won’t get the flu from [more]
She Walks With Lions
A Lion as a Pet? Which Cat lover hasn’t dreamed of owning one of these magnificent beasts as an exotic pet? Obviously, in certain countries it is not legal, but also it can be dangerous... Wild predators like Lions should stay in the wild where they belong,but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be super cool to have one! (more…) [more]
Dogs Who Forgot How To Sleep
Does your dog fall asleep in strange and uncomfortable looking positions? Well, you are not alone! It would seem that dogs have the ability to catch some shuteye in pretty much any circumstances and at a moment's notice! Maybe it's a survival thing you know, for wild animals, sleeping is always a risk; what if a predator catches you when you are sleeping? So animals learn to develop this very use [more]
Animal Jigsaw Puzzles: 2 Cute Kittens
Did you know there are more than 500 million domestic cats in the world? The cat is one the most popular house pet in the world, along with the dog of course! Male cats a called "Tom", female cats are called a "Molly" or  a"Queen", the babies are called "kittens" and a bunch of kittens is called a "Kindle". New born kittens cannot see or hear until they reach the age of approximately 10 to 20 da [more]