The Difference Between Cats & Dogs

dogs cats trust

We all know that cats and dogs are different. Some people are dog people and some people are cat people... But what is it that separates them exactly? Is one better than the other? Who would you prefer to have as a parent? A cat or a dog? In this very interesting (and hilarious) video, we illustrate … {Continue reading…}

Dunder The German Shepherd Cries Like A Little Baby

dunder the german shepherd cries like a baby

Most humans think that they have their dog trained... But do they? Or is it they who are trained? After a while, dogs get to know what works and what doesn't to get what they want from us poor humans! A little cuteness here and a little cuteness there and Boom! They have that treat they crave or … {Continue reading…}

The Art Of Animal Camouflage

animal camouflage Leaf mimic katydid III

Animal camouflage is a survival skill. Certain animals and insects don't have anything to defend themselves against their predators: No poison dart or sharp claws or teeth, or super speed to run away. Sometimes all these creatures have to help them … {Continue reading…}

Hedgehog Faces: The Cutest Thing On Twitter Right Now!

funny hedgehog face twitter15

This is Marutaro, a cute hedgehog from Japan. Marutaro has his own Twitter account with more than 46 000 followers as well as a Vine account with over 27 000 fans. What is so special about this hedgehog you ask? Well first, hedgehogs are cute and … {Continue reading…}

Jigsaw Puzzle: Pet Sugar Glider

sugar glider

Another adorable marsupial! The sugar glider is a cute little animal of the same family as kangaroos and Koala bears. They are native of the rain forests of Australia and are often kept as pets. Sugar gliders are about as intelligent as a dog and can … {Continue reading…}

Jigsaw Puzzle: Numbat


The numbat is a cute little marsupial, one of the only marsupial without a pouch, mostly found in Western Australia. It used to found in southern Australia as well but unfortunately, it's numbers are decreasing and the numbat is now an endangered … {Continue reading…}

A Baby Baboon’s Frightening Encounter With Lions

Lioness and baby baboon

This story might begin on a sad note but it ends on a positive one with a remarkable heroic twist! Nature is amazing and sometimes if you look closely you will see something extraordinary… This is the extraordinary story of a little baboon’s … {Continue reading…}

Everything Is Purrfect In Japan’s Cat Cafes

Cat cafe japan

In Japan, things move fast and people are busy, it’s a real rat race! ;-) So many citizens don’t have time, space or energy to own a pet, but that doesn’t mean the need for caring for a little creature and the companionship that comes with it is not … {Continue reading…}

An Adopted Squirrel That Purrs Like A Cat


We all already know of stories relating how an animal from one specie has adopted a baby from another specie, right? But have you ever heard of a baby squirrel that, after being adopted by a cat, learns how to purr? Believe it or not, it's true! Emmy … {Continue reading…}

Suryia The Orangutan And Roscoe The Dog

roscoe and suryia

The story of Suryia the Orangutan and Roscoe the dog is not new by any means, it has been circulating on the internet for quite sometime now... But if you have been living under a rock or simply have a life and don't spend all your days on the … {Continue reading…}

An Adorable Kitten Suddenly Falls Asleep

cute kitten suddendly falls asleep

If  you have ever adopted a small kitten, or a puppy, you know that they sleep a lot, just like human babies I suppose... and like human babies, animal babies fall asleep fast and without warning sometimes with the most hilarious results! One minute … {Continue reading…}

Cute Chicks Wearing Hats

Chicks In Hats2

"Chicks in Hats" is not what you think! It is a photographic venture that can put a smile on anyone's face! There is something totally hilarious about cute little creatures wearing human clothes. Julie Persons is an artist based in Maine, USA and she … {Continue reading…}

What A Dog Wants A Dog Gets

Off the leash daily dog cartoons - I want some attention

Sometimes it's very hard to tell who is the real boss between a dog and his owner. Who really owns who? Because when a human wants something from his dog, like for example peace and quiet, the dog doesn't always deliver now does he? But when the dog … {Continue reading…}

The Happiest Cows On Earth!

happy cows

Do you know what happy cows look like? Did you even know that cows can be happy and dance and play in the field? Well, if you had any doubts about a  cow's ability to feel joy and have fun, you won't have any left after watching this amazing and … {Continue reading…}

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