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Tips and Tricks, How To Control Litter Box Odor
Although I am widely known as a corgi person, I also am quite a cat person. I previously had cats for years, and I still enjoy my Mom's two rambunctious Siamese cats. Of course, having cats does present some challenges. Like when they decide that your stuff really belongs to them to rearrange as they see fit. If you have ever been owned by a cat, I think you know just how common this is. [more]
Supplements for Dogs with Lymphoma
When Ty was first diagnosed with Lymphoma, it was easy to get overwhelmed learning about supplements that might help him. I also faced conflicting reports from holistic and conventional sources. For example, some conventional vets are rather skeptical of supplements or holistic methods. See, for example, the skepvet blog, which is interesting reading, and on the very high side of skepticism. [more]
Healthy Playtime With Instinct Raw Boost Mixers #Mixitup
  We love freeze dried raw food in our house. It is part of both dogs' regular diet, and I love to use products such as Instinct® Raw Boost® Mixers as training treats and treats for playtime. Freeze-dried raw food is also becoming increasingly popular. It allows pet owners to conveniently take advantage of the nutritional benefits of a raw diet without worrying about messy ingre [more]
Eve Shops: Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Mixers #mixitup
Freeze dried raw food is a big hit in our household. Ty eats freeze dried raw food as part of his special cancer diet, and I love products such as Nature's Variety Instinct® Raw Boost® Mixers to add a boost of raw protein and nutrients to Eve's food. Her sensitive tummy does well with that, and it helps keep her coat looking great. Further, raw mixers are great as training treats and as [more]
Put #BayerExpertCare Ear Care on the Calendar
Ear care is important for pets. In my household, Ty in particular is prone to getting waxy buildup in his ears, and he has a history of ear infections. So, I now put ear care on the calendar as a weekly event. I find that, by writing these things in my planner, I don't forget! Ear care is also made easier by using Bayer® Expert Care™ Ear Care solution. Bayer Expert Care makes a [more]
Eve Becomes a #PetSmartGrooming Regular Customer
A little over a month ago, Eve had a special spa day with PetSmart® grooming. Now she is ready to be a regular customer! We had previously gone to PetSmart for quick nail trims, but I normally did baths at home. Considering how easy and affordable PetSmart grooming was, coupled with the excellent result that were much better than I can get doing baths myself, Eve will be getting regular [more]
Choosing an Affordable Grain Free Pet Food #NaturesRecipe
Awhile back, I wrote about Eve's shopping trip to Petsmart® for Natures Recipe® grain-free dog food. Feeding grain-free food is very important in our household. Eve has a sensitive stomach and cannot tolerate grains in food. Meanwhile, Ty has Lymphoma and feeding grain-free food is highly recommended for dogs with cancer. So, there are no grains in our dog's food or treats. What I like [more]
Celebrating the Holidays With #BlueSantaSnacks
Holidays are always a great time to spoil your pets. The humans in our household tend to not give presents to each other because we always take a holiday vacation instead, but the dogs definitely get gifts! They even have their own stockings! Including your dog in your holiday plans is easy. Here are some ideas based on things that we have done: Make DIY stockings for your pe [more]
#BayerExpertCare Spot-On Skin Moisturizer
My corgi Ty has a problem with seasonal allergies that always lead to dry and itchy skin, and then it gets worse in winter. I give him fish oil in his diet, and he takes medicated baths, but until now I was at a loss on how to best moisturize his skin. Bayer® Expert Care™ Spot-On Skin Moisturizer solved that. This unique product incorporates a number of different oils to deliver essent [more]
Holiday Cheer For Your Dog With #BLUESantaSnacks
  Can you believe that the Christmas season is basically here? OK, so  it isn't quite Thanksgiving yet, but holiday shopping has begun, and stores are starting to put up all sorts of holiday displays. That means it is time to start planning for your pet's presents and stocking suffers as well!  In our house, my husband and I rarely give each other Christmas gifts and instead usually tak [more]
Affordable #NaturesRecipe Grain-Free Pet Food
Nutrition is important to many pet owners, including myself. Often, price and availability are factors as well. Did you know that affordable nutritious food options are becoming more and more available? With grain-free food becoming increasingly important to many pet owners, conveniently located stores such as PetSmart are carrying more and more healthy pet foods, many of which are grain [more]
9 Awesome Christmas Presents for Your Cat
Just like the rest of your family, your cat needs some great Christmas presents too! Here are some cool ideas found on (note, I am an amazon affiliate). First up is the Cat Dancer charmer Wand. This was one of my cat's favorite toys. It is great for interactive play and lots of leaping and chasing. Buy it here.  Multi-Level Climber: This unique cat tress affixes to the back of a [more]