In this category you will find: funny animals, funny cats, funny dogs, funny kittens, funny puppies, funny pictures, funny animal pictures, funny pet pictures, funny cat pictures, funny dog pictures, funny puppy pictures, funny kitten pictures, etc. If it's funny, it's a picture and it's an animal, we'll put it here!

15 Dogs Who Need Some Help


There is a saying that goes: "Curiosity killed the cat" and all cat owners know too well what that means! Cats seem to have a very bad habit of always … [Read more...]

Funny Cat Cosplay


Cats are actors in many famous animated cartoon all around the world. Here we have some regular household cats dreaming of becoming famous! Enjoy … [Read more...]

Dogs In New York Preparing For Halloween


Everyone Loves Halloween! It is celebrated on the last day of October and in the U.S. it is on of the most popular holiday. People even dress up their … [Read more...]

Dog Getting Ready For The Day


This dog is getting ready for another day on this planet and his human buddy Mike took photos of him as he’s going through his day. Nothing special to … [Read more...]

The Best Ever Animal Selfies

Lemur selfie

Selfies are all the rage these days, from the now world famous Ellen DeGeneres selfie at the Oscars this year, to every other person on Facebook; … [Read more...]

Dogs Who Don’t Know How To Play Hide & Seek

dog playing hide and seek14

We all know that cats like to hide and sneak on us like the dangerous predators they are... But in general dogs don't hide, unless of course, they … [Read more...]

20 Funniest Dog Shaming Of All Time

dog shaming19

Every pet owner on the planet has had to deal with a bad behavior from their furry kids at one point or another. Sometimes the naughtiness is a one … [Read more...]

The Most Fabulous Alpacas Hairstyles Ever

Fabulous Alpaca Haircut3

If you didn't know yet, Alpacas are fabulous! The alpaca is a cute, soft and gentle South American animal in the family of the camelid that very much … [Read more...]

20 Pets Celebrating Cinco De Mayo Whether They Like It Or Not!

cinco de mayo animals6

Cinco De Mayo is a Mexican holiday dating back to the 1940's that is also celebrated in the USA due to its enormous Mexican population. A lot of … [Read more...]

20 Celebrities That Look Like Animals

celebrities that look like animals amanda-seyfried

You know what is a celebrity lookalike, right? It is believed that we all have a twin somewhere on the planet and the chance of meeting him or her are … [Read more...]

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