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Schoep & John

In August 2012, a candid photo of John Unger and his 19 year old dog Schoep was snapped by a friend and posted online. The photo was of John cradling Schoep in the water of Lake Superior to help ease his arthritic pain. At the time, john was considering euthanasia for his loyal companion because of the level of pain he was in and his inability to cover the medical bills that would help increase his quality of life. But something amazing happened: the photo went viral and people across the globe starting sending cards and gifts and donations; up to $25,000.00US! Enough to give Schoep the laser treatments and the medications he needed. Over 1 year later, Schoep is still going strong and just turned 20 on June 15, 2013! Enjoy these beautiful and touching pictures of Schoep and John and Happy 20th birthday Schoep!

This photo of Schoep and John went viral on the internet in August of 2012.

Schoep and john12 Schoep & John

Stonehouse Photography Schoep Photo Viral Schoep & John

Schoep receiving Laser treatments for his arthritis thanks to all the generous donations!

Schoep and john6 Schoep & John

Schoep and john3 Schoep & John

Schoep and john5 Schoep & John

Schoep and john7 Schoep & John

John is carrying Schoep back home after a long walk because he was tired.

Schoep and john1 Schoep & John

Schoep and john4 Schoep & John

Schoep and john9 Schoep & John

Schoep and john Schoep & John

Schoep and john2 Schoep & John

John cradles Schoep’s head while he sleeps in the grass.

Schoep and john10 Schoep & John

Schoep and john8 Schoep & John

Happy 20th Birthday Schoep!

Schoep and john11 Schoep & John

Schoep and john happy birthday Schoep & John

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