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Schoep The 20 Years Old German Shepherd Has Passed Away

On June 15th 2013, Schoep, the most famous German Shepherd on the internet at the moment, turned 20 years old (see this post for more on John & Schoep). It is with great sadness and a very heavy heart I am sure that yesterday, July 18 2013, only 1 month after his birthday, Schoep’s owner and best friend John, posted this message on Facebook:

“I Breathe But I Can’t Catch My Breath… Schoep passed yesterday. more information in the days ahead”

This post is dedicated to John, a dog’s best friend and Schoep, now an angel. It also serves as a reminder to love and cherish our pets while we have them with us, because they will not be by our side forever. RIP Schoep, and our hearts are with you John during this difficult time.

facebook post john

Schoep and john12Schoep and john happy birthday

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