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The Secret Lives of Cats: 20 Things You Didn’t know About Cats

Even if you consider yourself a real hard core cat lover, I am sure there are things that you don’t know about them, things you couldn’t possibly imagine are happening right under your nose, in your own house. This post exposes the secret lives of cats; what do our cats do when we are not at home? Or when they are outside, out of our sight, roaming the streets? Well, here it is, 20 things you didn’t know about cats.

1- They Have A Facebook Account.

20 facebook cat

2- They Like Telling Fishing Stories.

20 cat fishing story

3- Sometimes They Do A Little Begging To Make Ends Meet.

20 begging cat

4- I Think This One Is Self-Explanatory.

20 boner cat

5- They Love To Dance.

20 dancing cat

6- They Are Avid Gamers.

20 gamer cat2

7- They Hang Out With The Wrong Crowd.

20 ganster cat1

8- They Can Play Guitar.

20 guitar cat

9- They Have Romantic Picnics.

cats kissing

10- They Never Say No To A Party!


11- They Do A Little Peeping Here And There.

20 peeping cats

12- They Dabble In Photography.

20 photographer cat

13- Some Can Drive.

20 scooter cat

14 – Even More Can Play The Piano.

20 Piano cat

15- Certain Cats Can Even Read.

20 reading cat

16- Cats Love Singing, Especially In The Middle Of The Night.

20 singing cat

17- Many Participate In The Olympics In The Synchronized Licking Discipline.

20 syncronise licking20 syncronise licking2

18- Silly Cats Like To Stick Their Tongue Out For No Reason.

20 tongue cat

19- They Love Yoga, Even Master The Downward Dog Position Perfectly.

20 yoga cat

20- And Well, There’s That…

20 wazzup cat

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